Distance Education

I was first introduced to online learning in 2020 when the pandemic hit. In the very beginning, it was fascinating to me as I thought staying at home and taking classes would be fun. I thought some of the facts are on my side. For instance, I don’t have to travel anymore, giving more time to my family are the positive sides I thought first. However, I never had any practical knowledge about it, and when I started, I got to know that the actual scenario was quite the opposite.

First of all, after the pandemic, we all were too much dependent on technology. We didn’t even have time to educate the students, and on top of that, we couldn’t educate ourselves either. Anyways, we all tried to cope up with the new regular education system. We first started our class through Zoom. I really liked Zoom, though. Then after few months, we shifted from Zoom to Webex, another new platform and another hassle to make the students and parents understand, and slowly and steadily, we adapted it. Lastly, one more time, we changed the platform. And this time, it was Teams. I am not gonna lie; at the beginning, I wasn’t really comfortable with Teams. However, we had to evolve and adapt.

Among these three online platforms that I used in recent days, I would prefer Zoom most. As I think it is a less lengthy process for the students and also for the parents. So I would definitely recommend something which is accessible for all modes of people. These are some obstacles one may face if the students are from primary sections. On the other hand, students are from higher grades are used to technology and not dependant on their parents can be a helpful mode of learning. (Hyman, 2012) challenges when studying outside of the classroom, students have more autonomy, flexibility, and resources to handle their coursework offered with distance education options than in the traditional environment. More educational programs are utilizing the Internet than ever before. Technology has facilitated this approach to distance learning. The growth of web-based distance education has been unprecedented over the past decade and shows little or no signs of slowing down (Lei & Gupta, 2010).

In some cases, both online and on-campus has positive sides and opposing sides. In my case, I would definitely prefer on-campus learning. The teacher can observe a student more intensely and even serve them better than online mode.

Distance Education
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6 thoughts on “Distance Education

  1. Thanks for sharing. I too preferred to use Zoom, however at the beginning we weren’t allowed to use Zoom with our kiddos so I used Google Meet-Up. It was good too, however, I think that there are a few more functions that Zoom had like breakout rooms that hadn’t made it to Meet yet. However, in the last few months I did see that there are more changes coming to Google Meet-Up with additional features that make it more comparable to Zoom.

    1. Totally agree with you Kelly. Zoom had a time limitation at the beginning that was a little bit annoying though.

  2. Hi Fahmida. Your blog is very interesting. I like how you made the personal connection alongside recommendations. The pandemic forced us all into web-based learning, full speed ahead. Our school used Zoom as the tool to deliver learning. My community struggled with the fast transition from classroom to remote learning. We had no time to instruct our students on how to use technology apps and parents were frustrated. It took days and days to get started, but with constant communication we got students online. Thank you for your blog. It gave me the inspiration to reflect on all the good things that came out of remote learning.

    1. Thank you Ramona. I could relate to your experience totally. We also didn’t have any time to instruct our students and we also got all the training and instruction through the internet. Sometimes it was actually too much frustrating for us. Finally, we could overcome all the problems and cope up ourselves nicely.

  3. Fahmida,

    Thank you for providing insight to your experiences during the pandemic. My class used Google Meet, and I presented lessons that way. However, throughout the pandemic I used Zoom almost on a daily basis. I had a daughter in 2020, and due to isolation and limited gatherings, the only way for my parents or my partners parents to see her was via Zoom. As useful as Zoom was during this time, I hope to never have to use it when it comes to visiting with my family, but who knows what the future holds! Thank you for your post!

    1. Good to hear that Reid. I hope your parents and your partner’s parents meeting went very well. You said it right that no one knows what will happen in future. Your story reminded me of something that I was invited to one of my friend’s sons virtual first birthday on Zoom. I was excited as it was the first virtual invitation I got.

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