Summary of Learning – EC&I 833

7 thoughts on “Summary of Learning – EC&I 833

  1. Fahmida, I really liked the personal photos and your experiences integrated into the main take away’s from the course. Great work. Hope you have a tremendous rest of your summer!

  2. Hi Fahmida,
    Great job on your summary of learning! I can tell you put a lot of effort into highlighting your key learnings from the course. I also agree with Jacquie, I loved the personal photos you included to connect your learning to your teaching practice in Bangladesh. I also prefer face-to-face learning over online learning. I feel there are so many human elements that are lost when teaching and learning online. It is, however, great to be able to use all of these educational technology tools to enhance teaching and learning online. I wish you all the best in your graduate studies!

  3. Hi Fahmida. I thoroughly enjoyed this Summary of Learning. You highlighted all your learning and how it applies in your career. I like your honest insight of the role of technology in your life. Great job on this summary. Good luck in your grad studies.

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